Change the rules for housing in Jackson

Now’s the time to make a difference in how we do housing in Jackson!

The Housing Department is taking public input on their “Housing Supply Plan,” which outlines how much housing we need for what income levels – and how to get there. Read the plan in English or Spanish, and comment by September 26 by email ( and or in person (3pm on October 2 at the county building, 200 S. Willow St).

And at the same time, the Planning Department is taking public input on two different sets of rules:

  1. Housing Requirements: who should pay for affordable housing? Who should be allowed to live in it? How much should it cost? (English meeting Oct 9, Spanish meeting Oct 2 – 6pm)
  2. Land and parking ruleswhat kind of homes should we build, and how many? Should we reduce parking requirements? (English meeting Nov 8, Spanish meeting Nov 6 – 6pm)

Stay tuned for our analysis, and in the meantime, read the plan and formulate your own opinion – and share it with our elected representatives!