ShelterJH builds grassroots support and political power to address housing insecurity in the Tetons.

Here’s the bad news: Our housing crisis is getting worse. When anyone proposes building new homes we can afford, someone else often tries to stop it by suing or by putting pressure on our elected representatives. At the same time, we keep building big new corporate hotels and second homes that sit empty most of the year. We’re losing the people who give Jackson its character.

Here’s the good news: we have solutions. Our community is building deed-restricted homes and apartments, like affordable rentals at Red House Apartments. We are collaborating to make Northern South Park inclusive and extend the minimum short-term rental length in Jackson. There is hope!

We build membership.

We cultivate grassroots power by educating and empowering our members to get involved in housing policy and building collaboration in our community. All of our money comes from us—not from wealthy donors—which means that we’re completely independent and free to work for our best interests.

We advocate.

Shelter is an advocacy organization building political power so that full-time community members have a chance to live locally — this includes all community members regardless of age or phase of life. We prioritize deed-restricted housing for our most vulnerable community members. 

We wield political power.

We utilize our 501(c)4 non-profit status to endorse candidates, elect housing champions, and hold them accountable once they are in office. We educate and lobby our representatives by leveraging our growing membership base and experienced board members.  We counter anti-housing pressure and give our electeds the support they need to make pro-housing decisions.

We all work hard and make sacrifices to live in the Tetons, and we want to be able to stay and make this our home. We’re committed to making it possible for all of us to stay

When enough of us get together, we will have the power to make change. Join us!

Become a member with $5, $10, or $20 monthly dues!