Volunteer as a ShelterJH activist

ShelterJH started when 100 of us got together and marched from Town Square to Town Hall. Tenant and worker volunteer activism is the core of what we do. Here’s how you can get involved.

We’ve assigned points to the actions, based on how challenging they are. We have a ‘activist of the month’ and ‘crew of the month’ prize that rotates to whoever has the most points either individually or for their team!

Email us if you’d like to join our volunteer team, and we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s going on and what’s the most helpful!

Volunteer action


Share a Shelter post on your Facebook page


Invite X# friends to ‘like’ Shelter Facebook page


Email Y# friends with info about Shelter website and email signup


Send a postcard to town council


Email town council


Write a letter to the editor


Meet up with new volunteer 1-on-1 to get them up to speed


Sit in at town council meeting


Speak at a town council meeting


Call new folks and get them to volunteer

10 / hour

Host a house party / movie night


Knock on doors in apartments around town and talk to neighbors

10 / hour

Write a blog post about what’s going on


Get a new member signed up


Be a volunteer leader

Get your crew to do those things too.We’ll keep you posted when we need to get emails in, people out, etc. And keep track of how many points your whole team has, so your team can win the ‘crew of the month’ trophy.