The Exhibit Hall was the green corrugated metal building located on the south side of Snow King Avenue across from the entrance to the fairgrounds. The Town of Jackson owns this land, and the building was leased by the County for fair purposes.  

Over six years ago, the Town notified the Fairgrounds manager that they would be building Affordable housing on the green space adjacent to the Exhibit Hall. To accommodate this new housing project and additional housing in the vicinity, the Town would be converting the land the Exhibit Hall is on into a parking lot, and relocating the Exhibit Hall across the street.

The County lease for the Exhibit Hall and green space next to it was not renewed in 2022 because construction began on the 400 W. Snow King project.

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The Town applied for federal grant funding to ensure that the housing units would be as affordable as possible. The Town was awarded federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) in February 2022 after applying four times for this competitive funding. With a combination of significant public investment along with some private philanthropy, the Housing Department announced that all 48 of these units (total of 71 beds) would be Affordable for local workers.

The problem is that a new PAC called “Eyes on Teton County” is claiming that the Exhibit Hall is being torn down in the name of housing, when it has a secure future across the street. This new facility is 5 times bigger than the current hall. The idea that the Exhibit Hall is being sacrificed for housing is completely untrue, and now construction has begun on 48 units that will serve those earning under 60% MFI.


Affordable housing is the type of housing we most desperately need: all 48 rental units will be reserved for local workers earning under 60% Median Family Income ($68k maximum for a single-person household). We fully support the development of this project. This type of permanently income-linked housing available for local workers most closely aligns with our mission to support providing homes for our most vulnerable community members.


Luckily, developers broke ground on the 400 W. Snow King project in May 2023. We are excited to see these homes come to fruition and begin serving locals who need housing desperately!

Last updated 8/1/23