Seeking paid canvassers and volunteers for Get Out the Vote 2022!

Do you want to share your support for pro-housing election choices this fall? We are hiring canvassers and looking for volunteers to help with our Get Out the Vote campaign from NOW until election day on November 8!

Commitments range from 2 hours/week and up! Activities include phone banking parties, door knocking, literature drops, and vote tripling. We need our supporters and members to help make sure we spread voter education throughout the Tetons!

DM us or send an email for more info:

Announcing ShelterJH endorsements!

We are thrilled to announce our endorsements for the 2022 general election. Early voting is open NOW!

We endorse candidates who are proven housing champions. Visit our website for details about our endorsement criteria and process, and see the image below for our voting cheat sheet.

Jackson Town Council

ENDORSED: Arne Jorgensen has decades of experience supporting housing initiatives for locals.

ENDORSED: Devon Viehman has strengthened her advocacy for the real estate tax since she last ran for office in 2020.

County Commission

ENDORSED: Wes Gardner’s policy stances and priorities closely align with ours.

ENDORSED: Luther Propst understands that sometimes you need to say “no” to subpar housing developments to make way for plans that truly support locals.

House District 16

ENDORSED: Mike Yin has built essential statewide relationships while serving as a representative in Cheyenne.

House District 23

ENDORSED: Liz Storer has the ability and experience to advocate for housing solutions in Cheyenne.

Get to the polls by November 8!

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time! Early voting opens on September 23 and the general election is on November 8. 

We did not consider political party affiliation or personal support for any candidate, and our board members who are working directly on campaigns recused themselves entirely from these discussions.


The Special Purpose Excise Tax election will also be happening this fall. The Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) is an additional penny of sales tax collected in Teton County that goes towards voter-approved projects, and it is one way we can increase public funding for deed-restricted housing.

There are many different housing measures on the SPET ballot this year. ShelterJH is leading a Political Action Committee called “Save Our Middle Class” to rally support for community housing measure #12, which would provide $20,000,000 for deed-restricted housing. There are 5 different housing measures on the ballot. With a strong campaign and your support, we will get ALL 15 SPET measures passed! 

Remember, voters can vote yes for all SPET measures.The number of projects approved does not increase the amount of tax imposed, it only extends the length  of time the tax is collected. 

Hot Topics in Housing

ShelterJH members share relevant media pieces with one another through our Google Group. Here are what our conversations have been about this month:

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