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Monday May 9th, 2022

Madame Mayor & Town Council Members,

I am writing this letter to share the Teton County Fair Board’s position on the 2022 SPET Application for the relocation of the Fairgrounds & Events Complex. The Fair Board supports both the SPET Application and the relocation of the Fairgrounds & Events Complex.

The Fairgrounds & Events Complex is the pillar of our western history and heritage and provides residents and visitors with a gathering place to recreate, socialize, compete, and be entertained. We are aware that the County has recently requested a 5-year lease extension from the Town beyond 2026 and through 2031. While that request, if granted, secures the future of the current Fairgrounds for near term, we respectfully urge you to consider a longer-term vision for the Fairgrounds & Events Complex. We recognize that discussions have been taking place, and will continue to take place, regarding the best use of this property for our community. The Fair Board sincerely appreciates the opportunity to be involved in these discussions going forward.

The Fairgrounds currently operates on approximately 12.35 acres of land. The Fair Board has experienced difficulty in planning the Fair within the current footprint and more space would allow for increased opportunities. Special events that have been held on-site in the past have experienced similar spatial issues. If the County were to obtain a larger space, the opportunity to plan a world class, multi-purpose events complex would be very feasible.

Currently, the Fairgrounds lacks a number of amenities and facilities which are standard to fairgrounds across the state and the country. There is no room to build any of these facilities at the current site. Some of these facilities existed in the past but the space and/or structures have been repurposed over time to satisfy other community priorities. Additionally, event organizers require certain services and amenities of a Fairgrounds when they are looking to host an event. Without being able to offer these things, the Fairgrounds is ill-equipped to attract or court large, western heritage and agricultural events. In addition to space constraints, many people from the local and regional agricultural and livestock community have expressed difficulty in maneuvering large vehicles and trailers down Snow King Ave and contending with the bollards throughout the summer.

In conclusion, our local livestock and agricultural community’s biggest fear is that there may be a time when Teton County is without a Fairgrounds entirely. We need to ensure that there is always a Fairgrounds & Events Complex to preserve and maintain Teton County’s strong historic ties to our agriculture and western heritage. The Teton County Fair is one of the oldest and longest-standing traditions and community events in Teton County to-date and will be celebrating 66 years this coming July. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and we look forward to partnering on a solution for this very important piece of Teton County culture.


Zach Vosika, Chair

Teton County Fair Board

(307) 730-0307