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We have just revamped our mission statement: “ShelterJH builds grassroots and political power so that all community members can live where we work, creating a more resilient and just future for Jackson Hole.” 

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ShelterJH members have been having lively conversations about housing issues across the nation. Here are the articles that piqued our interest this month:

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Ordinance 473

Town of Jackson Ordinance 473 limits the amount of unrelated people living in a home to three. There are many examples of relationships that do not meet the parameters of this ordinance. For example, it is currently illegal for two couples to rent a two bedroom house. Four unrelated local workers cannot occupy a home together. Family structure can exist in a way that is not in line with the ordinance, and therefore we think that this ordinance should be repealed because it discriminates against the variety of families living in the valley. This repeal would also free up more housing options for our community that are already very limited. Please tell your Town Councilors how you feel: