Northern South Park

ICYMI: Check out this article for a succinct summary of the County Commission meeting last week where they discussed Northern South Park. Huge thanks to the Commissioners for their work to make sure that we see deed-restricted homes built there as soon as possible.


We had a great time meeting up at Abuelito’s! Members and supporters came out to talk about Northern South Park, short-term rentals, and the new free-market homes coming to Targhee. These events are for anyone and everyone who cares about the housing crisis—stay tuned for our next event.

Workforce Home for sale in Rafter J

There is a two bed, two bath Workforce townhome for sale in Rafter J! You must have an intake form on file already to be able to enter the drawing for this unit. If you don’t have an intake form on file, make sure you fill one out on the Affordable Housing Department website!


  • Detached 2-car garage
  • Adjacent to open space
  • Range, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer
  • 1,040 square feet
  • Home price: $735,531
  • Pets allowed
  • No minimum occupancy requirement

Deadline to Apply: Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 by 4:00 p.m. Read the full details online.

STR Updates pass first reading

On May 1, the Town Council voted to pass the short-term rental regulations update! There still need to be two more readings for this change to be official. We need to make sure there are appropriate enforcement tools to make sure these new rules are followed—stay tuned for calls to action.

Property tax relief available

Property taxes are on the rise again—if you are a 5-year+ Wyoming resident and homeowner who has lived in your home for at least 9 months, you could qualify for property tax relief if you earn under $125,000 yearly. You can access applications from the County Treasurer or online here. Check if you qualify and make sure to submit your applications by June 5 if you do!

Hot Topics in Housing

ShelterJH members share relevant media pieces with one another through our Google Group. Here are what our conversations have been about this month: