Rental Survey

Calling all renters! The Housing Department released a survey to gather information on rental rates in the valley to help inform policy decisions on the Town and County level. Make sure you take a moment to fill it out and share your experience with our community leaders!

It’s Old Bill’s season!

This year will be our first participating in the Old Bill’s giving season, and we could not be more excited!! We have the opportunity to fuel our work supporting local affordable housing projects, pro-housing policy, and community education—will you help us by investing in the community you want to see in Jackson?⁠ ⁠Donations must be made through the Old Bill’s nonprofit portal to be eligible for the matching grant. Thanks for your support!⁠⁠

Regulatory Reduction Taskforce (RRT) Survey

The state RRT is meeting next month in Lander to talk about potential bills related to housing. They have released a survey to help direct their discussion. One of the issues they could cover is housing mitigation. We think housing mitigation is an essential tool, and we need to protect it. Unfortunately, the legislature has almost eliminated this tool altogether. Show your support for housing mitigation and submit a survey response!

Thanks for your board service, Jimmy!

We are so thankful for board member Jimmy Rosen’s contributions to ShelterJH during his tenure. Jimmy’s passion for policy and his thoughtful approach to ShelterJH’s work will be missed as he transitions to focus on his career in therapy. We’ll see you in Policy Team meetings, Jimmy!

Short-term rental regulations pass!

Great news: on August 21, the Town Council voted 4-0 to pass the third reading of the short-term rental updates (Councilwoman Sell Chambers was absent). The new updates will go into effect in 2024. Thank your Town Councilors for their work on this regulatory change, and huge props to all of our members who stayed engaged throughout this process. You were a part of this success!

New Policy Team meeting time

We heard your concerns about the timing of Policy Team meetings. We want to make sure as many members as possible can join, so the new meeting time for the Policy Team will be the fourth Monday of the month at 5:30pm virtually. If you’re a ShelterJH member interested in joining future meetings, please respond to this email and I’ll share the link. The next meeting will be on Monday, 9/25 at 5:30pm. Remember, no experience is necessary to join the Policy Team—just a curiosity about housing issues!

90 Virginian Way

We submitted a letter to the Town Council and County Commission this month about the high hopes and expectations we have for the redevelopment coming at 90 Virginian Way.⁠ The 90 Virginian Way project will use a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to find a developer for this project—discussions on crafting the RFP are underway! Stay tuned for more details.⁠

Hot Topics in Housing

ShelterJH members share relevant media pieces with one another through our Google Group. Here are what our conversations have been about this month: