August 6, 2023

RE: 90 Virginian Way housing development

Dear County Commissioners and Town Councilors,

When we began our work advocating for the Community Housing SPET last year, we knew that if it passed, the funding would support homes for locals at some point in the future. Needless to say, we are thrilled that the success of SPET #12 has led quickly to a purchase that will benefit hardworking local families at 90 Virginian Way. Thank you for taking the initiative to secure this land for our community.

As you begin to consider development plans, please include the entire spectrum of need in your analysis, and especially prioritize those who are most vulnerable. We want the 90 Virginian Way project to incorporate a mix of rental and ownership units, along with homes accessible for retirees and people living with disabilities. A majority of the homes should be Affordable, with a limited number of Workforce units included to reduce the necessary subsidy and achieve an integrated neighborhood.

We anticipate resistance to maximizing density at this site, including concerns about parking and “neighborhood character.” Please do not let these opinions detract from the massive potential to address our community’s critical need for deed-restricted homes. We want to see this redevelopment serve the most community members possible, and ShelterJH members will support you as you make the decisions to do so.

We are eager to see an integrated, diverse neighborhood serving all locals who are facing housing insecurity built as soon as possible. Thank you for your hard work—we can’t wait to see this project provide homes for our neighbors in perpetuity.


Clare Stumpf
Advocacy Director
on behalf of the ShelterJH Board of Directors