Stilson Development: Housing and Conservation Go Hand-in-Hand

May 13, 2020

RE: Stilson Lot Development 

Dear Chair Macker and Commissioners,

Thank you for taking the time to consider the future of the Stilson area. This letter is a request to review the options carefully before making decisions regarding the development of Stilson.

While considering the future of the Stilson area, please prioritize building homes that locals can afford. Stilson would be an optimal location to develop homes for essential workers because of its proximity to transportation infrastructure. As our housing crisis worsens, we need to make sure we are carefully considering each opportunity to build permanently deed-restricted Affordable and Workforce homes that serve our local community members. Building these units next to transportation can help us invest in our local workforce and keep cars off of our congested highways. 

The Stilson intersection serves commuters, wildlife, and recreationalists. Our community has invested millions into the safety of our ungulate population and our local commuters who travel by bicycle through the 22/390 intersection. Our community members have made it clear that conservation should be prioritized in the Stilson area. With conservation easements adjacent to the 22/390 intersection, local non-profits have been diligent to preserve migration corridors. Similarly, the passage of the Wildlife Crossings SPET measure in 2019 will be utilized at this very location, costing multiple millions of taxpayer dollars as well as state funds. 

Housing and conservation must work hand-in-hand to create a livable community. While developing the Stilson area, please consider the ramifications of poorly planned development. ShelterJH will be watching the progress of this project carefully.



Clare Stumpf – Coordinator

Mary Erickson, Elizabeth Hutchings, Christine Walker, Mike Welch, Skye Schell, Ryan Nourai, Ash Hermanowski – Board of Directors