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ShelterJH Candidate Endorsements

MEDIA RELEASE   Contact: Brenna Cannon Email: info@shelterjh.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   ShelterJH endorses housing champions in local election   Local housing advocacy organization ShelterJH announced endorsements for Town Council, County Commission, and Sheriff candidates today. “This 2018 election is a great reminder that we all need to vote all the way down the ballot […]

ShelterJH is hiring grassroots organizers

ShelterJH is hiring grassroots organizers! Job title: ShelterJH grassroots organizer(s) – multiple positions available About ShelterJH: we are a membership organization working to ensure that all who work in Jackson can have a home here. We all dream of a better life. We work hard and make sacrifices to try to meet our goals here […]


Affordable Housing Rules and Regulations

Affordable Housing Rules and Regulations April 11, 2018 The town and county invited for further public comment on some of the details of their most recent drafting of rules and regulations for affordable housing in our community. Below are some of our thoughts and opinions on the staff’s recommendations and the general discussion of housing […]

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The 6 most important changes to our housing rules

We’ve been closely tracking the housing mitigation and housing rules & regs updates in the town and county’s “Engage2017” planning updates. Town Council and County Commission are getting input that opposes our goals of fair housing for all, and more affordable and workforce housing … so hearing from community members who support housing is critical. The […]


How should we change our affordable housing rules & regs?

The town and county asked for public input on a series of questions about our Housing Rules & Regulations as part of their Engage2017 planning work. The ShelterJH policy team dug deep into the questions and wrote the following letter to our elected representatives. We hope it helps explain what mitigation is and how it can help. Make […]


How will “housing mitigation” help us?

Housing mitigation is a key piece in the puzzle of how to make it possible for us to live here. It means that new development has to build (or pay for) workforce housing, instead of making things worse. The town and county have asked for public input on a series of questions as part of their […]

Change the rules for housing in Jackson

Now’s the time to make a difference in how we do housing in Jackson! The Housing Department is taking public input on their “Housing Supply Plan,” which outlines how much housing we need for what income levels – and how to get there. Read the plan in English or Spanish, and comment by September 26 […]


30-day notice tenant protection hangs on by a thread

Despite a last-minute push to stop it, Jackson’s first tenant protection – a 30-day notice requirement – passed its “first reading” tonight, and is on track to become law. Every new town law must be approved three times, with public hearings every time – a great way to make sure that a community really wants […]


A step forward for tenant protections

After months of debate over whether we should enact tenant protections, Town Council voted today to get started with a “30-day notice requirement” ordinance. This is a good first step for our tenants, and we’re excited that the Council is taking action. What are tenant protections? Wyoming laws disproportionately favor landlords and provide virtually no […]


Town council makes progress on workforce RV parking

April 17th Town Council Workshop ShelterJH member Jack Maguire sat through and reported back on this week’s town council workshop about workforce camping. Here’s his report. Overview Town council made progress on a pilot project to allow workforce camping in town this summer. They landed on two basic ideas: (1) allow overnight-only RV/camper parking in […]


Letter to council: workforce camping (3/3/17)

March 3, 2017 Mayor Muldoon and Jackson Town Council P.O. Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001 council@townofjackson.com RE: April Joint Information Meeting Agenda Item Summer Camping in Public Parking Lots Dear Mayor Muldoon and Councilors, Shelter JH respectfully requests the following item to be placed on the April Joint Information Meeting Agenda: Summer Camping in Public […]

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Tenant protections workshop response letter, March 10 2017

March 9, 2017 Mayor Muldoon and Jackson Town Council P.O. Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001 council@townofjackson.com   RE:           Tenant Protections Dear Mayor Muldoon and Councilors, Thank you for holding an informative and in-depth workshop regarding tenant protections in January. We were very encouraged to hear your support for our neighbors living in the toughest conditions, […]

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Tenant protections – letter to council Nov 20, 2016

November 19, 2016 Mayor Flitner and Jackson Town Council Tenant protections in the Town of Jackson Dear Mayor Flitner and Councilors, Shelter JH is encouraged that you are discussing tenant protections in Jackson. As we have worked with our membership of tenants and low-income workers, we have found a tremendous need for basic tenant protections. […]